How to bypass Anti-Virus Systems


1.† Open quicken

2. Creating a backup

††† Click:

†††††† File » Backup

††† You will get a window that looks like this.

  • First take the check out of "Use Windows CD Writing Wizard.
  • Now Press the "Browse button

You will get a window that looks like this.

  • Select the folder where you want to save the backup file to
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this window
  • Chose "Henry Shared if you are coping the file from you laptop to put onto your desktop.† If you want to put the quicken file from your desktop onto your laptop you will select "Helen Shared.
  • Press "OK once the right folder is selected
  • Your file is now backed up

3.† Restoring the backed up file


†† File » Restore Backup File » Restore Backup


You will get a window that looks like this.

        Click "My Network Places in the bottom left corner

        Now select the folder where you saved the backup file to.† Make sure you donít use the wrong backup file that you used from a previous time.† If you are restoring the backup file onto your laptop you would have saved it to the "Helen Shared folder.† If you are restoring to your desktop you would have saved the file into "Henry Shared folder.

        Once you have double clicked on the appropriate folder then double click your backup file and it will automatically start restoring it for you.

All Done!

You have now successfully transferred your quicken file to your other computer.