Copying a CD with Nero

1. Put the CD which you wish to copy into you computer’s CDROM.

2.  Start » All Programs » NeroàNero Ultra Edition » Nero Burning Rom


3.  When the program has finished loading you will see a screen where you can choose what type of CD you are going to burn.

4.   Scroll down and click on "Copy CD" and then click on the "Copy" to the right.

5. The CD is now being copied to the computer so it can be burned on another CD.

6.  When is finished coping it will ask for a destination CD.  Take out the CD you are coping and put in a blank CD to burn to.

7.  The CD is burning now.  When it is complete it will say, "Burn process has completed successfully."  Just press OK to continue. 

8.  Then press the discard button and then you can press the X button to close the program and you are all done.

9.  Take the CD out of your computer and it is just like the original.

Things to Take Note:

Almost all software and music CDs have copyright protections on them.  This method of copying a CD will not work for protected CDs.  So, if you burn it following these instructions and it still doesn’t work then it would be because of the protection on the disc.