Installing Norton Anti Virus 2005


If you look at the contents of the CD you will see one file called "Norton.Antivirus.2005+Keygen-TMG.rar."† The following tutorial will guide you through the installation of Norton anti Virus 2005 on your computer using this file.† Before you begin you must disconnect your computer from the internet, to do this simply unplug the networking wire from your computer.† It looks like a phone cord except itís a little bit bigger.† If you still use dial up, just donít connect to the internet.† Stay disconnected until asked to connect back to the internet in the instructions.



  1. Download WinRar from the internet and install it on your computer.† WinRar will extract the files that are inside of the "Norton.Antivirus.2005+Keygen-TMG.rar" file.† And then install WinRar onto your computer.
  2. Extract the files from "Norton.Antivirus.2005+Keygen-TMG.rar" located on you CD using WinRar.
  3. Install Norton Anti Virus on your computer
  4. Post installation instructions (Activating your copy of NAV).
  5. Run Live Update to insure you have all the latest security patches and virus definitions.



  1. Downloading and Installing WinRar
    1. Enter this address into your web browser to download WinRar.†

    1. You will receive a message asking you what you what to do with this file.† Run, Save or Cancel.† Click Run when you see this message.
    2. After the file has downloaded you will get asked if you want to Run or Donít Run.† We are going to click Run.
    3. The installation program for WinRar will appear.† Click the Install button.
    4. When the installation completes you will see a windows that has a bunch of check boxes for file associations.† All you have to do here is click ok and then on the next screen click done.
    5. A window might open up on you with a short cut to the program.† You can just close that to get it out of the way.


  1. Extracting the Files on the CD
    1. Open the contents of the CD

                                                         i.Click on: Start » My Computer » Double Click your CD ROM drive

                                                       ii.Double Click on "Norton.Antivirus.2005+Keygen-TMG.rar"

    1. WinRar should now be showing the files that are in that .rar file
    2. Click on the Extract To button
    3. On the next window click on Desktop from the list
    4. You can now close WinRar program


3.† Installing Norton Anti Virus

    1. On you desktop you will see some new files there.† Open the folder called Setup.
    2. Double click the file labeled NAVSETUP.EXE.
    3. In the Norton Anti Virus 2005 Setup window, click next to begin the installation.
    4. Click I Accept the License Agreement
    5. If prompt type in the product key.

    1. Click Next
    2. In the pre scanner window click Start Scan.
    3. After the scan is complete you can choose the folder where you want to install NAV2005.† Donít worry about choosing this just press next.
    4. When the program is finished installing it will ask you to restart the computer.† If it doesnít ask you to then restart the computer anyways.


  1. Post Installation Instructions
    1. When your computer loads back up from restarting NAV2005 should open up onto your screen.† If it doesnít double click the NAV2005 icon youíre desktop to open it.
    2. On the screen that opens up press Next
    3. In the product activation window, click next.† It will try and connect to the internet to activate your product but it will not work since we have the internet unplugged.† After a few minutes it will give up and there will be an option to activate by phone.† Select that and press Next
    4. On the next screen there will be a long Phone Registration Code

                                                                                 i.      First minimize this window to the taskbar so we can see the desktop

                                                                               ii.      Open the file "tmg-nav2k5.exe"

                                                                              iii.      When the program loads you will see where you enter in the Phone Registration Code that you got from the NAV activation window.† Just copy and paste each part of the code into this program and then press Unlock.† This will create the Activation code.

                                                                             iv.      Copy the activation code that was created and go back to the NAV activation window and Paste the activation code into the area where you are asked to enter it in the NAV activation window.

    1. Press next to finish the activation


  1. Running Live Update
    1. Double click the NAV 2005 icon that is on your desktop
    2. Connect your computer back to the internet now
    3. On the NAV 2005 window click on Live Update in the top left hand corner of the window
    4. Your computer will now connect to Symantecís server to get the available update
    5. Once it has gotten the list of updates press next and then press, finish when the download is complete.




Norton Anti Virus 2005 is on your computer and you are much safe from the extreme threat of viruses on the internet.


This tutorial was created by Warren Brown.†

If you have any questions you can contact me by going to my contact page