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November 28th, 2008
Another Course – Larger Portfolio

I’ve added the assignments and final project I completed in CIS262.

  • CIS262: Assignment #1
  • CIS262: Assignment #2
  • CIS262: Kalia – Final Project

You can go straight to my portfolio from here!

August 25th, 2008
Helpdesk Support

At the top right there is now a link to download the helpdesk software I setup.  It allows me to connect to your computer for troubling shooting if you need some help.  You simply download the program and run it.  While it is running I will connect to your computer and fix what ever issues you have with your computer.

August 25th, 2008
Portfolio Additions

I’ve added some more projects to my portfolio I did at school.

  • COMP 455: Multiplayer Mastermind
  • COMP 360: 3D Robot
  • COMP 360: 3D Chessboard
  • COMP 350: BrickCAD
  • CIS 280: Theme Park JSP

You can go straight to my portfolio from here!